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    About Us


    At Aramco Imports, we are focused on designing and developing stylish, innovative and high quality cookware and essential kitchen tools at affordable prices. We believe that kitchen is the heart of the house and having the right tools is the first step to enjoy cooking and preparing tasty meals.

     We carry a wide selection of functional and stylish kitchen items without compromising on quality.

    Invest in the right kitchen tools, have fun cooking and create a positive home environment.


    Aramco Imports was established in 1945 by Mr. Aram Soulahian, the late father of our current president and CEO, Mr. Vicken and Raffy Soulahian. He had the vision to manufacture, design and supply high quality kitchenware.

    The business was moved to the US in 1981 where the company gained significant market share in the housewares and kitchenware industry.

    Over the years, the company worked hard to expand its product lines and launched its flagship brand Alpine Cuisine to cater to the needs of the market from cookware and kitchenware to decorative items and appliances.

    Due to its success, the company expanded into new territories and opened branches in China & Mexico.

    Aramco was able to acquire licenses from leading brands; Hamilton Beach, Proctor Silex and Welch’s Oil in order to provide a wider variety of products to its customers.

    We, at Aramco Imports strive to continuously improve our processes and quality standards and take pride in providing value to our customers through innovation, quality & style.



    To provide EFFICIENT, DURABLE and STYLISH kitchen items at an affordable price and make them accessible to every household in America. In other words, deliver good value to customers.


    In order to realize our vision, we do our best to establish new partnerships with suppliers in the industry. We aim to expand our portfolio of products by sourcing the best items at good prices.

    Selecting and buying kitchenware and housewares may seem trivial to some people, but we have a greater vision. We take cooking as an opportunity to spend time with your family and strengthen your bonds with them, have fun while cooking and enjoy a tasty meal. Our purpose is to create a positive home environment while providing you with the basic tools.

    Statistics show that most people spend the majority of their time (68%) in the KITCHEN, so we make sure it's your happy place and you're loaded with the right tools to live a better life at home.


    Quality: We do our best to provide great quality products and services to our business partners and end consumers. We are committed to keeping them satisfied by continuously improving our processes and quality standards. Trust: At Aramco Imports, we trust our colleagues and customers. We trust our people's capabilities; therefore, we motivate and inspire them to take on challenges. Teamwork: We believe everyone has responsibilities in the company and mutually working for its success. We collaborate across business units and departments, and work together to achieve great results and increase productivity. Diversity: We believe cultural diversity in the workplace brings creativity and leads to greater productivity. Our team members come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures; that means a wider set of skills, experiences, and knowledge to offer to our market and provide great service to our customers.